Primitive Reflex Integration: Solidifying the Foundation in Your Pediatric Client - Janine Wiskind, MS, OTR/L

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Primitive reflexes are assessed when a child is born to ensure they are present. Yet, they are then often dismissed, underestimating the role they play in the continued development and success of the child. However, many children continue to have retained primitive reflexes which interfere with various aspects of their development. The term Primitive Reflex Integration is being used in a variety of fields with various approaches to treatment. These approaches often present the treatment of each primitive reflex as individual movement patterns separate from each other. This course provides therapists with a roadmap to evaluating and treating 8-11 primitive reflexes, with the understanding that they are linked and build upon each other. It utilizes a functional and play-based approach to allow physical and occupational therapists to integrate this new knowledge immediately into their practice. (Intermediate Level)

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Janine Wiskind, MS, OTR/L engages her audience with her dynamic teaching style and makes intense information easy to understand and apply. For the past thirteen years she has worked as a pediatric occupational therapist. Beginning her career in brain injury, Janine cultivated her specific concentration in vision. Her expertise for vision within occupational therapy has led her to guest lecture at Brenau University and conduct webinars on the topic. Janine published articles relating to dysfunction in the pediatric population and has been involved in research on the pediatric brain injury unit. Working for inpatient rehab, outpatient, home health, and the school system has provided Janine with an extensive opportunity to work with a variety of pediatric populations and has led to her diverse array of expertise. Her company, On Solid Ground (an intensive in-home occupational therapy consulting service),focuses on the family system and achieving life balance.


Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

1. Understand the importance of exploring primitive reflexes in the pediatric population.

2. Learn to effectively perform an assessment of the presented primitive reflexes: Moro, Hands Pulling Reflex, Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex, Landau Reflex, Symmetric and Asymmetric Tonic Neck Reflex, Spinal Galant Reflex, Palmar Reflex, Babkin Palmomental Reflex, Babinski Reflex, and Plantar Reflex.

3. Learn at least 3 new activities for each presented reflex.


Pre-Study: 30 Minutes Plan to read the course materials, references and review the post test before the start time. Please be prepared to share patient case study and related question during the discussion time.

5 min: Background of speaker & introduction into treating from a primitive reflex perspective.

25 min: Review of current research and occupational/physical therapy theories correlating to primitive reflex integration treatment.

90 min: Presentation of primitive reflexes including discussion about their role in development, dysfunction related to the retention of the reflex, and evaluation and treatment of the primitive reflex.

Post-test: Research, identify, and submit your post test question answers on the online form. This is an open book test you can take multiple times if needed to obtain the 70% score. (Allow 30 minutes for these completion tasks.)

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