Guide to Diabetes Mellitus Physiotherapy Management

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Guide to Diabetes Mellitus Physiotherapy Management

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Comprehensive Diabetes Mellitus Physiotherapy Management Aim to

As therapists, we are often involved in symptomatic care of diabetes-related complications. This happens mostly when a patient is diagnosed with diabetes for several years. I would like to present this Comprehensive Diabetes Mellitus Physiotherapy Management course with the perspective of involving therapists in not only the curative phase but also in the prevention of diabetes. This CPD course about diabetes helps PT and OT identify diabetes in an individual long before they are formally diagnosed. We, as allied health professionals, should be involved in the complete care of the patient from lifestyle modifications onwards to their long-term physical and mental well-being. This CPD  course will highlight the role of OTs in cognitive aspects and the role of PTs in customized exercise prescriptions for individual patient needs. We are far from a one-size-fits-all regimen of diet and exercise as far as the management of diabetes is concerned. It takes a village to manage a patient with diabetes. I am hoping we take this awareness and share it with our medical colleagues, and seek involvement not just in symptomatic therapy but also in the prevention of disease processes.

Learning objectives:

  1. To gain an insight into the challenges faced by the patients in understanding diabetes due to limited resources available and lack of psychosocial assistance.
  2. To empower the clinicians with discussing and addressing the needs of the patient facing challenges with their diagnosis
  3. To understand the role of PT and OT, and how they can help the patients and their families both physically and psychosocially. To bring awareness to the medical fraternity about utilizing therapies for the diagnosis of Diabetes, not just for complications.
  4. To use evidence-based strategies for treatments and customize them to patient and family needs.

Course Curriculum :

  • 45 min: diabetes statistics and symptoms of type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • 60 min: role of Occupational therapist in diabetes management: pediatric and adult population
  • 60 min: role of Physiotherapist in diabetes management and criteria for exercise prescription: effects of exercises, types of exercises and diagnoses of specific exercises.
  • 15 min: case studies, Q&A

Who Should Enroll:


Physiotherapy Assistant

Occupational therapists

Occupation therapy assistants


Credit Hours :

3 hours


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A Physical Therapists Guide to Exercise Prescription for the Diabetic and Pre-diabetic Population

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Rina Pandya

Rina Pandya

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