Advance Cardiac Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Protocol

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Advance Cardiac Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Protocol

About Course

Advance Cardiac Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Protocol Aims To

The care of patients with heart failure costs the United States $32 billion annually. The body of evidence supporting exercise therapy for this patient population is growing. This course will provide a broad overview of heart failure pathophysiology including an explanation of the difference between diastolic and systolic heart failure. A primary focus of the course will be to highlight the common findings on a physical therapy examination seen in patients with heart failure.  The course will conclude with the application of the literature to prescribing exercise in this patient population that can be applied across the continuum of care.   Attendees will learn practical applications of the patient examination and current evidence that can be applied immediately to their clinical setting. The aim of the cardiac rehabilitation physiotherapy as follow;

  • Pathophysiology of heart failure
  • Difference between diastolic and systolic heart failure
  • Cardio Physical Therapy Examination
  • Cardio Physical Therapy intervention
  • Criteria for terminating physiotherapy intervention in cardiac patient 

Learning  Objective 

  • Explain the pathophysiology of heart failure.
  • Recognize the difference between diastolic and systolic heart failure.
  • Describe the clinical decision-making involved in the physical therapist examination.
  • Create evidence-based exercise prescriptions for patients with heart failure throughout the stages of the disease.
  • Recognize indications for termination of exercise.

Who Should Enroll

  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Sports Physiologist
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Nurses

CPD Credit Hours

2 Hours


  • 1-Month Access to Learning Resources
  • Downloadable Course Material 
  • CPD Certificate


Presenter: Jackie Mulgrew, PT, DPT, CCS

Jackie Mulgrew PT, DPT, CCS is a graduate of Liverpool University, England. Jackie brings 23 years of acute care experience to this course, having worked in major acute care hospitals in England and the USA. Currently employed at Massachusetts General Hospital as a Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Board Certified Clinical Specialist, she specializes in the care of cardiac medical and surgical patients and is responsible for the clinical and professional development of the physical therapy staff. Jackie has facilitated cardiopulmonary tutorial sessions at Simmons College and the Institute for Health Professions in Boston and has lectured for Boston University’s graduate program in physical therapy. For the last 6 years, Jackie has taught acute care physical therapy around the country. Jackie is the author of Circulatory Assist Devices in the Acute Care Handbook and her clinical interests include heart failure, mechanical circulatory support, and exercise testing.

Course content

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