Principles and applications of neuroplasticity in rehabilitation

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Principles and applications of neuroplasticity in rehabilitation

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Unlock the transformative potential of neuroplasticity in your physiotherapy practice with our comprehensive webinar. Delve into the world of neurological rehabilitation as we explore the various types of neuroplasticity present in different neurological conditions. Learn to decode the clinical presentation of patients by understanding the underlying neuroplastic mechanisms, enabling you to make more accurate diagnoses and tailored treatment plans. Dr. Banerjee equips you with the knowledge and skills to apply neuroplasticity principles effectively while formulating interventions to design personalized rehabilitation plans that harness the brain's incredible adaptability. To ensure the practicality and impact of this learning, you'll evaluate your progress by tracking patient outcomes. Join us and revolutionize your physiotherapy practice by harnessing the power of neuroplasticity for improved patient recovery and well-being.



1. Identify and categorize distinct types of neuroplasticity relevant to various neurological conditions, equipping physiotherapists with a comprehensive understanding of the neural adaptability mechanisms they may encounter in clinical practice.

 2. Enhance clinical assessment skills by recognizing and interpreting the clinical manifestations of neurological patients through the lens of neuroplastic mechanisms, enabling more precise and targeted patient evaluations. 

3. Apply the principles of neuroplasticity to develop personalized rehabilitation plans, empowering physiotherapists to create interventions that leverage the brain's capacity for adaptation, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

 4. Demonstrate the ability to integrate neuroplasticity concepts into real-life case studies, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills among physiotherapists when addressing complex neurological rehabilitation scenarios.



Author Profile:

 Dr. Srishti Banerjee PT MPT ( Neurology)

 Dr. Srishti Banerjee is an accomplished physiotherapist with Masters in neurology. Her journey includes a BPT from Gujarat University, followed by an MPT in Neurology. She's held roles as a Consultant Physiotherapist and Lecturer.

 Dr. Banerjee is an author, contributing to a book on peripheral nerve lesions and a chapter on aquatic therapy.

 She's published original articles in various journals and explored topics like hamstring flexibility and the environmental impact of NSAIDs. Srishti is an online educator, offering MOOC courses on sustainable healthcare and shoulder dysfunction post-stroke. 

She shares her insights through blogs on neuroplasticity and preoperative physiotherapy. As an author, she's explored sleep disturbance in spinal cord injury patients and the impact of COVID-19 on the nervous system.

 She's also a one-page owner on Physiopedia. Through webinars, Srishti covers a wide range of topics, including mental health in physiotherapy and environmental sustainability. Her commitment to improving patient care and promoting sustainability in healthcare is evident in her work as an Assistant Professor LJ institute of Physiotherapy , LJ University. 



Course content

videoIntroduction to Neuroplasticity51 m 11 s Start
videoPrinciples of neuroplasticity17 m 9 s Start
videoNeuroplastic changes following stroke40 m 55 s Start
videoNeuroplasticity SCI, PD and MS1 h 39 s Start
videoFeedback Start

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Principles and applications of neuroplasticity in rehabilitation

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