Scar: Assessment and Management

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Scar: Assessment and Management

About Course

Scar Assessment and Management Aim to 

  • This CPD course for scar management provides a treatment-based protocol for hospitalized and outpatients. 
  • Physiotherapists, nurses, and OT professionals will learn the impact of scars on biomechanics and how physiotherapy can help to increase ROM, mobility, strengthening 
  • The aim of this course is to enable physiotherapists to accurately evaluate and assess scar tissue conditions 
  • Through this course physiotherapists can use elite and advanced treatment protocols based on individual; scar characteristics.

Learning objectives 

1. Develop a comprehensive understanding of scar tissue formation, including the cellular and physiological processes involved.

2. Identify different types of scars encountered in physiotherapy practice, such as surgical, traumatic, and burn-related scars, and understand their unique characteristics.

3. Master the various assessment techniques used in physiotherapy to evaluate scar tissue, including range of motion measurements, scar texture analysis, and pain assessments.

4. Learn how to create individualized treatment plans for scar management, taking into account the patient's specific needs and goals.

5. Explore and apply evidence-based modalities and interventions for scar management, including manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and modalities like ultrasound and laser therapy.

6. Understand the principles of wound care and infection control in the context of scar management to ensure patient safety.

7. Discover the psychological and emotional aspects of scars and their impact on a patient's well-being, and learn how to provide appropriate psychosocial support.

8. Gain proficiency in scar massage techniques, scar mobilization, and myofascial release methods for scar tissue to improve functional outcomes.

Who Should Enroll 

  • Physiotherapist,
  • Occupational therapist ,
  • Massage therapist

CPD Credit Hours

2h 55 min


  • 1 month Access to Learning Resources
  • Downloadable Course Material 
  • CPD Certificate


Author Profile:

 Dr. Srishti Banerjee PT MPT ( Neurology)

 Dr. Srishti Banerjee is an accomplished physiotherapist with Masters in neurology. Her journey includes a BPT from Gujarat University, followed by an MPT in Neurology. She's held roles as a Consultant Physiotherapist and Lecturer.

 Dr. Banerjee is an author, contributing to a book on peripheral nerve lesions and a chapter on aquatic therapy.

 She's published original articles in various journals and explored topics like hamstring flexibility and the environmental impact of NSAIDs. Srishti is an online educator, offering MOOC courses on sustainable healthcare and shoulder dysfunction post-stroke. 

She shares her insights through blogs on neuroplasticity and preoperative physiotherapy. As an author, she's explored sleep disturbance in spinal cord injury patients and the impact of COVID-19 on the nervous system.

 She's also a one-page owner on Physiopedia. Through webinars, Srishti covers a wide range of topics, including mental health in physiotherapy and environmental sustainability. Her commitment to improving patient care and promoting sustainability in healthcare is evident in her work as an Assistant Professor LJ institute of Physiotherapy , LJ University. 


Course content

videoOnline CPD Course on Scar Assessment and Management
videoIntroduction to scars16 m 19 s Start
videoClassification of Scars26 m 48 s Start
videoExamination of scars40 m 12 s Start
videoObjective Assessment29 m 5 s Start
videoScar Management1 h 2 m 58 s Start
videoPalpate rolling35 s
videoMorris orthodomic stretching1 m 3 s Start
videoPunctual crushing53 s Start
videoStatic fold58 s Start

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Scar Assessment and Management

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Physiotherapy Online is a physiotherapist-owned educational company with a vision to create an ensemble of international educators to cater to undergraduate, postgraduate physiotherapy students as well as post professionals who are keen to advance or refesh their existing knowledge in varied specialities.

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