Are Post-Op Hip Precautions Really Necessary After Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) in 2020? Well….it depends! - Patrick A. Tino, PT, DPT

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The purpose of this course is to dispel the myth that all therapists should educate all their patients to follow strict post-operative precautions all the time following total hip arthroplasty (THA). The science of rehabilitation, which extends to both physical and occupational therapy evaluation methodology and intervention strategies, is simply not black and white. The “sweet spot” of good, evidence-based therapy falls somewhere in the gray area. This new webinar will focus on the specifics of “post-op precautions” as they relate to weight-bearing precautions, joint angle position (Arthrokinematics),and limb-movement exercises (Osteokinematics) and their impact on joint prosthesis stability and tissue healing. The attendees will find it helpful to have had recent academic, didactic, and clinical experience working with patients who have undergone various surgical approaches to the hip for context on this material. (Intermediate Level)

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Patrick A. Tino, PT, DPT first earned his AAS in Liberal Arts and Physical Therapist Assistant studies in 1993 from SUNY Broome College in Binghamton, NY. He’s gone on to earn a Bachelors in Biological Sciences from Barry University in Miami, Florida in 1996 and Masters and Doctorate degrees in Physical Therapy from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Pat has the ongoing opportunity and privilege to continuously work closely with and be mentored by a very experienced group of orthopedic surgeons. He is routinely involved in POD #0 evaluations on a very high-volume orthopedic joint unit that performs over 2,500 THA and TKA’s per year. He personally evaluates and treats hundreds of patient’s s/p THA each year from the acute setting to the home health setting and to the outpatient setting. Having heard early in his career “It’s your fault that the patient dislocated their hip”, he now has learned better. And he is here to tell you the “inside scoop” on the real reasons why patients dislocate. When Pat is not seeing patients, he travels across the nation presenting 1-day and 2-day live in-person seminars on ‘Total Joint Arthroplasty and Fracture Rehabilitation’.


Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

1. Correctly identify areas pertinent to THA such as the pelvis, hip joint, and supportive structures and tissues such as the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and capsule.

2. Understand what is meant by Internervous plane, muscle-sparring, tissue-sparring, and MIS.

3. Become familiar with the various prosthetic components and their manufacturing companies such as DePuy Synthes, Smith & Nephew, Zimmer Biomet, and Stryker Corp.

4. Learn how to make “bias-free”, sound clinical decisions regarding post-op weight-bearing status, joint-angle position for sleeping, sitting, and transferring, and which exercises are “safe” vs. “risky” for interventions such as range of motion and strengthening.


Pre-Study: 30 Minutes Plan to read the course materials, references and review the post test before the start time. Please be prepared to share patient case study and related question during the discussion time.

10 min - Background & Review Learner Outcomes - Lecture

15 min - Review boney anatomy & Arthrokinematics of hip jt - Lecture, image, video

15 min - Review soft tissue anatomy & Osteokinematics of hip jt - Lecture, image, video

20 min - Discuss 4 surgical approaches to the THA procedure - Lecture, image, video

20 min - View the various tools, instruments, and design of metal, ceramic, and plastic components for THA - Lecture, image, video

20 min - Discuss and compare/contrast past and current post-op precautions - Lecture, image, video, discussion

10 min - Discuss various ways to program HEP s/p THA via case scenarios - Lecture, image, video, discussion

10 min - Q & A, Summary Wrap-up - Lecture, interactive discussion

Post-test: Research, identify, and submit your post test question answers on the online form. This is an open book test you can take multiple times if needed to obtain the 70% score.

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