Meek's Practical Applications for Practice Management of Spinal Pathology - Sara Meeks, PT, MS, GCS

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This highly experiential webinar will focus on the comprehensive physical therapy approach to the epidemic condition of low bone mass (osteoporosis and osteopenia) with practical, safe and therapeutic movement and exercises that the participant will be invited to do right during the webinar. Focusing on better body alignment to improve muscle contraction and weight-bearing forces on bone, this innovative, comprehensive, evidence-based, 12-point approach of The Meeks Method® has been shown to be useful and safe for other diagnoses, such as spinal stenosis, as well. Participants will be able to ask questions via email during the presentation and, in addition, will have available to them complimentary handouts of a Pre-Assessment Form, The Re-Alignment Routine and a fullcolor PDF copy of the PowerPoint presentation. (Intermediate Level) 

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Sara Meeks, PT, MS, GCS a physical therapist with nearly 50 years clinical experience has spent the past 28 years specializing in the unique management implications of persons with low bone mass. She is an international presenter and the owner of SARA MEEKS SEMINARS which is dedicated to the education of health professionals on the management of bone health. Sara is the author of two books on bone health management, has presented at many State APTA Conferences, and has been a presenter at both Annual Conference and CSM. She is the founder of the Special Interest Group on Bone Health and the recipient of the APTA Section on Geriatrics Award for Excellence in Clinical Practice (2001). With her stated mission of creating safety in movement for persons with low bone mass and diagnosed with osteoporosis herself, she brings enthusiasm, and humor into her highly interactive seminars. 


Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to: 

  1. Recall the Principles of Movement of The Meeks Method® including Movement From & For The Bones, Internal Plumb Line and the basics of body alignment. 
  2. Describe the Patterns of Postural Change©. 
  3. Apply this information in their practice the very next day. 
  4. Recall the definition, pathology and epidemiology of Osteoporosis and apply this information relates to Physical Therapy practice. 
  5. Discuss why the indications and contraindications for management are the same for both osteopenia and osteoporosis. 
  6. Explain the protocol for the management of spinal compression fracture. 
  7. Define the comprehensive Meeks Method Wheel and recognize how to use it in practice.
  8. Recognize the only ACTIVE spinal orthosis for use with patients with osteoporosis and compression fracture. 
  9. Interpret a Pre-Assessment Form available for them to use for identification of persons at risk for osteoporosis who are coming into their clinics. 
  10. Discuss the beginning exercise program, The Re-Alignment Routine, a Pre-Assessment Form and a full-color PDF of the PowerPoint presentation available to them after the webinar. 


Pre-Study: 30 Minutes Plan to read the course materials, references and review the post test before the start time. Please be prepared to share patient case study and related question during the discussion time.

15 min: Focus on the Bones – At the Bones, Inside the Bones, Beyond the Bones

15 min: Body Alignment—Patterns of Postural Change, Seated/Standing Alignment

30 min: Osteoporosis – Definition, Pathology, Epidemiology

30 min: Vertebral Fracture Statistics and Protocol for Management

30 min: Meeks’ 12 Point Intervention, Break for Questions, Final on 12-Point Intervention

Post-test: Research, identify, and submit your post test question answers on the online form. This is an open book test you can take multiple times if needed to obtain the 70% score. 

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