Scoliosis Classification and Specific Exercises - Charter Rushing PT, ScD, PCS

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Scoliosis affects up to 5% of the population. That means 5 out of every 100 patients a therapist treats will have scoliosis. In addition, more patients with scoliosis will complain of back pain than those without scoliosis. It can be theorized that an even higher population of patients with scoliosis will present to a therapist for back pain. Few therapists have received training to recognize and classify scoliosis both clinically or with imaging and do not incorporate a scoliosis-specific treatment plan into their plan of care. This workshop will teach therapists how to clinically classify scoliosis and incorporate scoliosis-specific exercises into a plan of care. Participants will take home a skill set they can start using the next Monday they return to the clinic as well as a solid base to further their exploration of scoliosis-specific exercises. (Intermediate Level)

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Charter Rushing PT, ScD, PCS is an educator and clinician focused on improving conservative treatment options for pediatric patients with orthopedic and neurological conditions. He is a terminally educated physical therapist and has as a certification in manual therapy through the International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine. His career has spanned from holding the positions as the lead therapist at a large international children's hospital to an assistant professor in a CAPTE accredited Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Mr. Rushing has a unique and diverse background in the pediatric population with a focus on clinical care, teaching, and research.


Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

1. Recall the etiology and pathoanatomy of scoliosis.

2. Classify a patient's scoliosis both clinically and radiographically.

3. Devise longitudinal care plans that are specific to a patient's clinical scoliosis classification. FORMAT: This is a 3-hour course equivalent to 3 CEU’s or 0.3 CEUs offered as a live webinar or self-study. Instructors present the live course content via an internet website displaying real time power points. Learners will receive a course instruction link. Instructors lecture through livestreaming internet on your computer. Questions may be asked during the webinar using the chat feature or the “raise hand” feature for live discussion.



30 Minutes Plan to read the course materials, references and review the post test before the start time. Please be prepared to share patient case study and related question during the discussion time.

30 min: Discuss the etiology and pathoanatomy of scoliosis 30 min: Introduction to classification methods used in scoliosis

30 min: Discuss standard of care treatment options for scoliosis

30 min: Present treatment concepts based on scoliosis specific exercises

Post-test: Research, identify, and submit your post test question answers on the online form. This is an open book test you can take multiple times if needed to obtain the 70% score

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