Orthopedic Assessments Made easy --The Ankle Joint

Orthopedic Assessments Made easy --The Ankle Joint

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The Orthopedic Assessments Made Easy Orthopedic guide book is written by Dr. Rina Pandya, a professional Doctor of Physiotherapy with more than 23 years of experience in the field, who now is a senior lecturer of Physiotherapy at the University of the West of England after years of work in the India, USA and Oman.

This Orthopedic pocketbook comes to the help of Orthopedic students Physiotherapy students, interns and clinicians to offer tools and information that can help Orthopedic practitioners perform successful assessments and make the right decision that’s in the patient’s best interest.

The Ankle and foot joint Assessments edition of the pocket Orthopedic book series includes clear and comprehensive illustrations in a fun note together with priceless information and instructions to help students recognize certain affections, perform assessments, evaluations and tests and learn more about every aspect of the Ankle and foot joint anatomy.

Our Orthopedic textbook contains everything an Orthopedic student or practitioner must know about Ankle and foot joint affections, particularities and course of treatment including special tests of the Ankle and foot joint and their description and findings, patient and clinician positions, assessment instructions and much more.

Why Choose This Orthopedic Pocket Book?

  • Compact design allows quick access when you need more info
  • Pocket-size design is perfect for on-the-go consultation and studying
  • Perfect to study at home, school or at work
  • Clear and concise information that is easy to read
  • Precious learning resource for students, clinicians and interns
  • Fun and easy to follow illustrations
  • Realistic and detailed graphics for easy comprehension
  • Each book is part of an extensive series

Learning is a continuous journey and for an orthopedic student, this pocketbook comes always in handy for more resources, information and guidance!

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