Orthopedic assessments Made easy --The Hip Joint

Orthopedic assessments Made easy --The Hip Joint

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Do you perform orthopaedic evaluations in your clinical practice?

Could you use a  pocket resource book that would help you to diagnose musculoskeletal problems?

This is the book that you need!

Diagnosing musculoskeletal problems is complicated and takes many hours of study and hands-on experience to perfect. The room for error, when it comes to making such a decision, is small and anything that could help you to determine the exact problem and its remedy is important for your patient outcomes. 

In this book you will find everything you need to help you make the right decision, including:

  • A detailed overview on the hip anatomy
  • Special tests to help diagnose musculoskeletal impairments
  • Easy to learn illustrations
  • Descriptions of special tests of the hip joint.
  • Patient positions, Clinician position
  • Findings from each test
  • And more…

Packed with in-depth instructions on many specialized orthopaedic tests, and presented in a handy pocketbook size that is just 5 x 8 in dimension, this book is the perfect size for students and clinicians to carry with them while working in their clinics or to be used to augment study guides.

It has been specifically designed to be a one stop, concise and informative resource that will help you make the right decision every time.

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